Monday, January 23, 2012

Mount Yarn - pictures!

Mount Yarn!
This picture is Mount Yarn before it was scaled.

And rest assured that yes, there is an unseen pile of yarn behind the forty gallon clear tub as well.

Where did all this come from?!

Heck if I know, folks.  Well.. I mean, I do know, actually.  In fact, I could probably tell you the origin of each and every skein in that mountain/pile/hoarder's-dream-come-true.  The problem was not in figuring out how the yarn got there, but in figuring out how to get rid of it!

Well, it was a long night.  I took this picture around 8:00pm, because that is when a good night owl like myself gets to work!  And it took me until 1:30am to get two trash bags given away.  Although, I did lovingly package most of the balls and skeins into matching groups, then into ziplocs, and, for R, the Mister's sister's bag, I labeled each one with it's fiber content and how to wash it.  She's a new-ish (but awesome) knitter who, unlike me, has zero stash (those were the days!), so I know all my lovingly packaged skeins will be well loved.

Of course, if you're in the process of chucking a yarn stash, certainly do not feel compelled to go as far as I did in labeling each skein and packaging it in ziplocs with it's yarn kin.  I just found that treating it well and sending it off with love made it a lot easier for me to get rid of it.  I also really liked knowing that it was going to someone who would appreciate it (like R).

If you're having trouble parting with your sewing/knitting/scrapbooky/felt creature/crafty supplies, you might try either or both of these two things:
  • Lovingly packaging - taking care to package your items well, labeling and preparing them for the next owner, and more importantly, in the process, kind of mentally letting it go of your items.
  • Giving your items to someone you know will really appreciate them - either someone who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford your items, or someone you know will just love and appreciate your gift!
They worked for me!

This is my after picture (!!):

I know!!  It doesn't look that different!  But I'm still chippin' away at it.  I've been continuing to unravel more unfinished treasures over the past few days, so a little more yarn than this is accumulating, but a good chunk of the unraveled stuff is going to charity, too.  And I have great and amazing plans to continue the great yarn giveaway until everything -- everything!! -- fits into the big, 40 gallon tub there. That includes all the bits currently strewn about the tiny house either unraveled or patiently waiting to be.  My plan is to continue knitting only from my stash, turning it mostly into items that are useful to people outside of this house, as believe me, we are quite well stocked in the winter woolies, thankyouverymuch,  as well as continuing to cull through and give more yarn away.

This is the smaller tub of yarn (ends and bits) that I may or may not save for making a patchy afghan:

I think I might save it for a set amount of time (say, until June) and see how the potential afghan is progressing (if at all) by the due date, and then decide if an afghan is really feasible for me.

And these are the bags for giveaway:

The one on the left (heart!) is for R.  I stuck some yarn weaving-in needles to the outside with masking tape because I know she needs them and wrote her name on it (so I'd remember which is which - I guess taped-on needles weren't enough?), thus the heart.  Also because I love her!  The other bag is for charity.  Either a thrift shop, or I was thinking I might post it up on Ravelry to see if anyone local wants it for charity knitting.  I'd ship it, but y'know... it's the size of a big bag of trash, soo...

So, that is the current state of my yarn!  If you, or anyone you know lives in Southern Idaho and would like to pick up a mish mash box of mostly wool (some vintage) yarn for free, let me know!  Or if anyone within the US would like to pay for shipping to get free yarn!  Shipping is not extraordinarily cheap (although the box would be lightweight because yarn isn't heavy), so keep that in mind.  Still, the yarn is completely free to you apart from shipping.  I can do surgery on the trash bag and extract some of it's contents (since I'm nearly quite sure no one wants to pay the hundred bucks to ship the whole bag), also I have more to give away that's not even in the bag!

Srsly.  Lemme know.

For now, that's all.  I hope your week is off to a simply splendid start!

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