Saturday, January 21, 2012

Simple inspiration!

borrowed from: batty kitten
This is my kind of sewing room.

I love getting inspiration from pictures of other people spaces.  As far as this one is concerned, my hopes are certainly not so lofty as the great minimalism contained herein, but I do hope to obtain a space as clear, and clean and decluttered as this.  Whenever I feel like I just cannot give something away (but I know I need to), I come back to this.

I like the white, first of all.  I'm a super huge lover of light wall colors, especially white.  I also like the lighting.  It seems really bright, even though the room appears to be in a basement.

When simplifying our lifestyle (particularly the home and stuff parts of our lifestyle), I love to troll the internet for inspiration.  Not so that my home will look like a page from a magazine.  I'm not sure I'll have be able to achieve such a lofty goal.  But just so that I can feel like other people do this, too!  Other people have homes like the one I'm working toward.  It just makes the whole thing seem more doable, do you know what I mean?

Does anybody else do this?

If you don't and you're someone -- like me -- who thrives on visual inspiration, then you should try it.


Just don't get any ideas in your head and start thinking you can somehow manage to turn your house into the picture.

On the subject of inspiration to simplify, I give you my #1 source of Mt. Yarn inspiration.

That is, my #1 inspiration to donate a good portion Mt.Yarn!

Minimalist Knitter.

She no longer posts to the Minimal Knitter blog, but you can still read the archives and they are great, imo.  Instead she's moved to another location: She Makes Hats and boy, does she!  This lady is busy, busy, busy.

There is so much inspiration information where she's concerned, I'm telling you!  Check out these posts from Minimalist Knitter:

The Minimalist Knitter: The Plan
Ditch the stash: five tricks for getting rid of all that yarn you don't use
On minimalist knitting
How I do what I do
Taking control of my stash
Knitting through 1 bag of yarn
Five tips for when minimalism sucks

I want to talk more about all that I've gleaned from her experience,)along with her Minimalist Knitter Handbook (if you haven't seen it, it's free and I'll give you a link in another post) but I'm saving it for later.  So, that's all for now.  But, seriously, visit her blogs and take some time going over what she has to say.  In a world where a knitter's stash is everything, it was definitely revolutionary to me when I first started reading and thinking about giving up my precious treasure.

I know I promised pictures of Mt. Yarn yesterday, but this post got in the way.  I have found simplifying (minimalism) to be so incredibly rewarding thus far and I'm just so excited to find out what's around the corner next!  So, stay tuned.  Pictures will be coming on Monday, I promise.

In the meantime, I wonder if you might ask yourself: is anything that you, like me, are hoarding in your life?

Yarn, fabric, dishes, clothes, shoes, even bathroom products and toiletries are all common areas where clutter collects(they certainly are for me!).  Does your excess in this/these areas of your life enhance the way you live?  Do they make you happier, and I mean, like, really happier?

Do think about it and get back to me in the comments section.  I'm willing to bet you wouldn't even miss that pair of heels you never wear, or the coconut scented shampoo that's been left unopened for a year.  Consider tossing a few things into a box for charity.  Go through your cookbooks, the shoes that hang out in your closet (full time), or the utensils drawer in your kitchen.

I'll be back on Monday with the promised pictures!

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