Friday, January 20, 2012

Simple Vintage and tackling Mt.Yarn!

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Just dropping in!  I have Transnational Lit. in an hour or so, so I simply cannot stay!

I think this picture might be getting close to a sort of simplified vintage, don't you think?  I mean, a way that I might accomplish simple-homey-vintage-love  I love, love, love the color palette!  And the round pillows, but I need more pillows like I need a hole in the head.  Oh well, it's good inspiration.

I've been ripping out old, unfinished knitting projects all morning.  Some of them are actually finished, but the fit is all wrong.  The others I just know I'll never finish.  And I'd love to donate finished, gently used knitted (100% wool) items to somewhere like Afghans for Afghans, but I'm pretty sure they don't take them.  It's a shame really, since I have quite a few and they are genuinely in nice shape.

However, I do remember how people viewed used items in South Korea.  There were thrift shops and secondhand stores, but they weren't really considered clean and people who shopped there were certainly considered a little bit off, maybe even "dirty", which has a connotation all it's own in Asian societies.  So, I wonder if the reason they don't take used items could be something like that.


I tackled Mount Yarn for the first time last night.  I started WAY too late in the day and didn't nearly finish, plus I was tired so my ability to be at all objective or ruthless was significantly impaired.  Still, I got two trash bags filled for give away!  One is going to the Mister's sister, the other is going to charity, or to Saver's (did you know they give you a 20% off coupon when you donate!?  I just found out..).  For now, I still have way too much yarn, but I did what I could.  I'll work on it more, maybe this afternoon after class or tomorrow.

I knew it would be difficult with the yarnage.  More difficult than the fabric was.  For some reason, I'm quite attached to wool.  It's more expensive than fabric, maybe that's why.  Or maybe I'm just a little irrational when it comes to knitting.  That might be closer to the truth.

I still own a forty gallon plastic storage bin, stocked completely full, and then a smaller plastic storage bin (4-5 gallons?) full of small, single balls of yarn.  Bits that I only have bits of.  I've got a mind to start an afghan with them, but I could see that going awry...  Plus even a little more than that, and all the things I'm ripping out (although a portion of that is definitely going to be given to charity).

Anyhow, I need to finish unraveling this capelet thing I have strung out all over me so I can get ready for class.  I did take pictures of the yarn disaster and I'm planning on sharing them tomorrow, though, so pop back in for that!  I'm hoping to do a before and after bit with the giant sewing/knitting/all-things-crafting room, Mount Yarn, and the new little sewing area in the living room.  Once I get it all done, that is.

Have a beautiful Friday!

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